DFMi at WTCE 2019

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DFMi at WTCE 2019.

Please join us at this year's WTCE as we showcase many of our European partners. Our continued goal is to strengthen our efforts with USA legacy airlines, our European customers and our network in the Middle East as we are constantly adding new suppliers to our diverse portfolio. Click here to see a list of suppliers that will be participating at this year's expo. 

DFMi + 88 Acres: Making More From Less

Making More From Less.

At 88 Acres, their foods are made with the power of seeds - the simplest, most fundamental ingredient in nature. Packed with superior nutrition and naturally sustainable plant protein, their delicious seed-based snacks are good for every body. 
Airline passengers can enjoy 88 Acres Seed Bars and Seed Butters, in convenient single-serve formats, that can be enjoyed day or night, in both the premium snack basket or retail box.  Click here to read more…

DFMi + Pearls Olives to Go!

Fun At Your Fingertips!

The award winning and innovative line of Pearls Olives to Go! are mess-free, ready-to-snack olive cups. Pearls Olives to Go! are similar to fruit snack cups but without the liquid mess. These easy-to-open cups stay fresh and tightly sealed until you're ready to enjoy them, making them ideal travel snacks. Click here to read more…

DFMi Celebrates 30 Years at IFSA 2018


Serving the World for 30 Years.

DFMi is honored to celebrate 30 years in the industry at the upcoming 2018 IFSA Expo in Boston, MA. We plan to celebrate with an interactive DFMi Pavilion that will showcase many of our supplier partners' new products and capabilities. In addition, we will have our European Connection booth where we provide an opportunity for our US Airline Customers to see our European Supplier Partner's offerings. Click here to read more…

DFMi + Davigel: Your New Catering Partner

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Davigel: Your New Catering Partner

Provider of over 1500 fresh and frozen products for 50 years, Davigel's reputation is based on the quality of their food products offered and the strength of its distribution network. Davigel has unparalleled production capacity and logistic solutions at its disposal. Guaranteed by a network of proximity throughout France to satisfy the supply of its customers, Davigel is equipped to handle any geographical situations. Davigel has always been innovative in the field of catering, while preserving its family values on a large scale. Having become a key player in the food sector, Davigel offers a variety of dishes answering all your culinary needs from starters to desserts anywhere in the world. Click here to learn more...