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DFMi is a premiere specialty sales and marketing company, focusing on the travel and transportation industry. DFMi provides innovative solutions to our worldwide customers, building our position as a global food and service ware company. 

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DFMi + Davigel: Your New Catering Partner

Provider of over 1500 fresh and frozen products for 50 years, Davigel's reputation is based on the quality of their food products offered and the strength of its distribution network. Davigel has unparalleled production capacity and logistic solutions at its disposal. Guaranteed by a network of proximity throughout France to satisfy the supply of its customers, Davigel is equipped to handle any geographical situations. Davigel has always been innovative in the field of catering, while preserving its family values on a large scale. Having become a key player in the food sector, Davigel offers a variety of dishes answering all your culinary needs from starters to desserts anywhere in the world. Click here to learn more...

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